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What is RealFeel(R)?

What is RealFeel Temperature(tm)?

On a hot and humid day with bright sunshine and no wind, the temperature reading simply does not tell enough information about how hot it feels.

The AccuWeather RealFeel® temperature does just that. The RealFeel® uses multiple factors including the temperature, humidity, cloud cover, sun intensity, and wind to explain how hot it feels outside.

In comparison, the heat index only factors in the temperature and humidity.

How Some of these Factors Impact How it Feels Outside

Humidity: On a hot but dry day, the body cools itself as sweat evaporates, causing evaporational cooling to occur. When there is an abundance of moisture in the air, sweat does not evaporate as readily, making it feel much hotter.

Cloud cover: It feels hotter on a day with bright sunshine vs. a cloudy day just like standing in direct sunshine feels hotter than standing in the shade.